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The comic world is full of many amazing stories
that will capture your attention and keep you in
the story as long as you keep reading them.
You will not feel bored and will
long for the next edition to come out
to know whant is going to happen next.
Keep coming back for more information.

Current Storyline 
Mind Trap

Created by- Angela Beaman
Assitant Writer - Terry Bailey

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24th September - Have
updated the links and editing
again, The comic is coming
back soon!! - but it well be only
on a weekly update, Don't
forget my DA - i update there
alot more often ^^(but it's also
more a personal gallery then
my website one)

20th September - Profiles
and fan art have been updated
The Forum is acting a bit odd
so currently switched over to
this one as well 

26th  August-  Been
Working on the new gallery
alot - i havn't been drawing -
and i feel bad about it :(
the forum is pretty busy still
so don't worry to much over the
comic - It WELL come back
eventually - just might take
some time - but am alright

13th August -  Overhauled
the site again, did editing and
added new art pics for savrin
and yuumei, and fixed up fanart
galleries, also also another brand
new image map - to add in more
links - gallery has been updated

This site is under construction.