Furfire has featured regular guest appearances by other peoples characters in the comic
this is to credit those who have made it - all characters are there owners

Fetch (The Dig Professor) - The first Guest appearance - Fetch also gets credit for the names for Diane and Abbie
Whitespirit(Chief of the Wildtra Tribe) - A very good character to play - Whitespirit has also done some very cool fanart covers for furfire
Digo Racoon (Member of the Dig Crew) - Very brief Cameo appearance -Digo was part of the group who were running from the bats
Cederwyn aka Muliebuck (Innkeeper of the Yellow Rose) - My good friend - best known for his work on the Rising Star Saga
Brad, Greg and Rob (The Wedding Couple Trio) - They are actually my three IRL brothers! - in furry form
Hollyann (The Healer) - Follow furry Artist - and also a very good friend - Hollyann also wrote the conclusion of 'The Yellow Rose'
Sable Flame (inside the Bar of the Yellow Rose) - Janus's character - and Assitant co-writer of 'Furfire' who had a brief cameo appearance - and returned later

These are Special webcomic combined events that furfire has featured in
Swimsuits - Fantasy Babewatch of Fantasy Lair
A Lace Odyssey - 2001 - Bedroom fun on Keenspace
Even in Arcadia - A follow on from keenquest - Diane had a cameo appearance