To help out a bit to understand  the story - here's a rundown on each chapter  -
though it is suggested that you start reading from the beginning  ^_^
The Furfire Filler Archive


Where we meet Savrin Furfire for the very first time (during a failed attempt to get rid of a roc
only to meet two misfit thieves Diane and Abbie who are planning to pull off a heist by robbing the ruins of an
old temple - cause Savrin can fly, they try to use his talents to their benefit and take him as a hostage, but there is
a Archeological dig happening at the temple site - failing to bluff there way in, the three are put into a tent
until further questioning  The camp comes under attack by bats! while they are escaping they
run into the dig professor,  who explains about something has been opened in the
temple due to a mishap (some sort of black vortex)  The bats however decide to attack again,
(Diane can hold her own -and takes out the bat) - while she is boasting,the bat strikes back -
and she is poisoned by it - the bats block the only way out -so they take the only way open
through the vortex in the temple


After landing in a pool, A guard appears (Quvas) and demands to know who they are, Savrin tries to attack him but is easily defeated
(not enough training) taking them as prisoners, they are taken to the chief of the Wildtra tribe - somehow they have traveled back in time -
Switching back to the present, we meet Tyler and Jaster for the first time, Tyler was at the camp,
disguised as a fur to find out what was going on, and to later report to Jaster - when the topic of Savrin is brought up, Jaster
(relates in flashback) the story of the original twilight magic team - and the betrayal of Cavecor


Shifting back to the past, Savrin and the two thieves have been mistaken for gods in some sort of legend,
Diane is taken in to get treatment for the poison - Abbie and Savrin are treated to a festival, that night,
while the tribe celebrate there victory over there' hidden enemy'


During the night, a half recovered Diane sneaks into Savrin's sleeping quarters, (removing the rope that bound his wings)
she overheard another guard who is planning to get rid of the chief, and it involves something called 'Tai'far' which are
black hooded weasels who use voodoo magic as there weapons- quick journey back to the present, where Taxwin and Katina come in
and Vandabar fears for Savrin's Safety - While Savrin himself back in the past has set out through the forest to find the hideout of the Tai'far
that is until the Tai'far find him first - he is saved in the nick of time by Quvas


Inside the Prison of The Tai'far, Diane and Abbie meet Zephyr, a purebreed Firewolf who is a bit of a 'Jerk'
he relates his story (Flashback) of how he ended up in the prison.


Traveling together, Savrin and Quvas meet Maxwell the Fur Hunter, a human who makes a living out of killing furs for there tails and skins,
while they are busy fighting him, at the Prison Diane finds a way out, but she feels sorry for Zephyr so helps him out to (only to regret it)
when a Tai'far reappears, who Zephyr thinks is the queen who imprisoned him 9 months ago -
Savrin and Quvas escape the hunter, but not before he throws a poisoned knife in Quvas's back


In the Present, we return to Taxwin and Katina - and in flashback shows why he left the new Twilight Magic Team after the death of Lilly
(also has the first appearance of Palen in Shadow form) In the past, trying to help Quvas recover
, it finally dawns on Savrin the truth about his heritage


In the prison, Zephyr faces off against Yuira, the new queen of the Tai'far - Daughter of the one who imprisoned him
while in the present - Tyler has taken up camp in the Time Temple, and has been ordered by Fu to find a map


  Quvas realizes that the he has been poisoned by the fur hunters knife-due to rules he can't return
to the camp, unless they find a healer, Savrin tries to help out the lynx, best as he can, and at the same
time keep his identify as a furmential a secret - meanwhile after escaping from the prison, Diane, Abbie and Zephyr
get into an argument- with Abbie forcing Zephyr to leave, in the meanwhile a strange white Firewolf
 has teamed up with yuira, to track down the trio, and things get diffcult for Savrin and Quvas when they enter the inn of the Yellow Rose

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